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Synth Single Review: "Space Voyager" by eLxAr

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


eLxAr’s Space Voyager is a cosmic, ethereal synth journey. The track begins with a distant breath of sound and a deep bass pulse that moves underneath a gently evolving melodic pattern. A steady breath of wind flows easily as the beat throbs, carried on massive drums. with a driving synth oscillation continuing below. An energetic arpeggio spins with shining light while a full, medium-high synth swells and drifts by.

The drumbeat and bass add form to the track as a fragile melody moves breezily as a lower, richer synth buoys it up. A sparkling flicker of synth moves with the sounds of whale song floating in behind it, everything touched with ease. Medium-low synth moves in dense patterns, a wash of tranquil sound shaped by the dynamism of the beat. A triumphant, more powerful melodic pattern moves on broad pillars of sound while shining synth dances over top.

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