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Synth Single Review: "Sonoral Twilight" by Michael E Tennant


Michael E Tennant’s Sonoral Twilight combines pain and power in an emotive mixture. Tremulous, melancholy synth moves through the breathily hissing space that shivers around it. The melody is tragedy-touched, surrounded by hollow trembling as flat, powerful drums add throbbing direction and choral sounds float above the darkly oscillating bass.

The melody mingles strength and pain above thundering drums while metallic sounds flit. Swelling, undulating synth tides wash before drums dryly pulsate. Gleaming, aching synth carries the melody in its tragic nobility as the drumbeat and dense bass mix at the low end. Shivering sounds drift as the battering beats hit hard again.

Distorted, brassy synth shifts in a distantly roaming line and the hurting melody moves as the hissing, shaking background adds texture. Hollow bass pulsates as the melodic line grows in power above the massive drums that surge below. The track comes to an end on the emotive melody.

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