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Synth Single Review: "Sonic Ghosts" by Null-O-Band & Retrograth

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Null - O - Band & Retrograth’s Sonic Ghosts explores music's ability to touch deep places in us and evoke powerful feelings. Desolate winds sweep in with a quick blast of sound as hollow drums throb in broken pulses. Open sounds trickle through in bubbling notes over the unique drum tones. Mournful, medium-low synth plays a slow and pained pattern over oscillating notes.

Retrograth’s dark, deep voice comes in as the bass pulse shifts. Elevated, medium high synth cries out and echoes the powerful emotions expressed in the words.The drums keep stuttering and throbbing as round sounds twist through in distorted lines. A digital-sounding synth pattern climbs and turns.

Retrograth’s shadowed, echoing voice moves through and the drums keep pulsating along with trickling synth. The song returns to the main synth melody and the chorus. The melody is full of melancholy as it shivers above the distortion and depth below.

The narrator asks if the listener can feel the sound "born out of the dark of deep, deep underground flowing all around?” He compares the sound to being “sharp as a Spanish knife” as it searches for a vein and adds “it makes you feel alive, real just like the pain.”

In the chorus, the narrator talks about how the “sonic ghosts” will bring memories of the future, sunshine and rain, joy and sorrow. Our narrator then asks if we can hear “the past, the sound of bridges burning?” adding that “every precious moment Is a point of no return.”

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