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Synth Single Review: "Somebody Like U" by Taurus 1984 & Shellyann

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Taurus 1984’s Somebody Like U opens with hard-hitting retro drums and a bursting, flashing synth that carries a dynamic pattern over slap bass. Shellyann’s strong, full and expressive vocals are touched by jazzy, bell-like synth as the drums slip along smoothly. After a fat drum fill, the chorus jumps in, full of retro pop sensibilities as Shellyann’s lush, strong vocal performance delivers the lyrics.

Synths dance out in gleaming lines and the drums and bass are a dense, propulsive force. Meanwhile the energizing vocal melody dances over the top of the other parts. In a smoothly gliding segment, jazz organ chords flow in easy motion that accents the chorus and the vocals soar upward. Slap bass adds funky sound to the bursts of the drums around the leaping vocals. Glittering synths play a shining pattern as the song ends.

As the narrator starts off, she asks the person she’s addressing to “just stop for a second.” She explains that the less the other person does, the more it makes her care. It’s stopping her from seeing “the wood for the trees in front of me.” The other person isn’t calling her back and she adds, “it’s all in my head, never on track, the things that you said.”

Our narrator has reached the point where “mistakes just taste like you.” She’s considering calling the other person out on their lies as she’s “walking home high from your house.” She talks about how words pour out of her mouth as her head “fills with Technicolour.”

In the chorus, the narrator talks about feeling empty and asks the other person if she’s “speaking in tongues.” She says that the other person knows that it’s “hard to figure me out” and that with somebody like them, it’s all about them adding that “I need help with somebody like you.”

The narrator tries to calm herself down because “I don’t know what’s going on and I can’t be more clear” so she decides that, once again, they’ll just have to leave it like they always do. She adds, “don’t lead me back, it’s all in my head and I can’t get on board with that now baby.”

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The final chorus emphasizes that the other person never calls our narrator back and that they’re never on track, so the whole process will just repeat.

Ear-catching, varied percussion throbs into the song and a jazzy, medium-low synth wanders through to start the Final DJ's remix of Somebody Like U. Shellyann’s vocals jump in over the throbbing, floor filling beat as bright synth slips smoothly through the song. The beat and bass pulse on before breaking into an airy glide below the strong vocals as the chest-thumping beat drives on.

Bright, open synth roams in a soloistic, ultra-cool line and again the vocals leap in.
The beat encourages intense hip shaking while the song slides along with ease. Full, warm synth chords expand outwards over the relentless beat and bass while Shellyann’s voice carries dynamism and emotion in it. The track ends on the unique percussion that we came in on.

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