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Synth Single Review: "Solstice Für Letze Generation" by PolarvoidX


PolarvoidX’s Solstice Für Letze Generation mingles misty desolation with an undercurrent of threat. Intensely shining chimes ring out above a gruff, swirling lower sound that trembles below. Chimes flicker and ring out, forming a pattern as wide, flashing sounds slice through and intertwine as broken bass throbs.

Sweeping sounds float through as the music creates a sense of hidden, misty shadows. There’s a feeling of omnipresent danger hidden just out of reach. Hissing, metallic sounds shiver and dense bass slowly shifts while reverent notes breathe. Crunching, gritty sounds vibrate hungrily as the swirling, misty background sends out seeking tendrils.

Diffuse sounds add dark undercurrents as raised notes flit past. There’s something desolate in the slowly gliding background to contrast with the animalistic, snuffling synth. Metallic notes scrape through as the reverent underpinning flows past and silence falls. The inevitability of loss is keenly present in the emotional tenor of this track.

© 2023 Karl Magi

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