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Synth Single Review: "So Into You" by Bunny X & Zak Vortex

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Bunny X and Zak Vortex's So Into You comes to life as delicate piano spins a tender web, synth notes swell and the smoothly pulsing drums are accented by glittering, rounded synths. Metallic chimes ring out as Bunny X’s softly touching, airy singing is supported by deep bass. Now xylophone-like synth dances in a rippling pattern while the vocal melody yearns and encourages.

Chimes ring out, shimmering through the music as guitar adds a soothing acoustic element. Solid drums throb as Bunny X’s vocals carry affectionate emotion. After a drum fill, xylophone adds texture and a glistening synth sings in a feathery melodic pattern. Chimes add flashing light while Bunny X’s vocals echo over throbbing kick drum. Guitar shines now and smooth arpeggios slide while chiming notes sparkle.

Hope pours from Abigail Gordon’s lyrics as the song’s narrator talks about how they’ll put the convertible’s top down and drive knowing that “we’re gonna be alright, the future is ours.” She goes on to say that she knows they’ll go a long way and asks if the other person feels it too.

Our storyteller is unconcerned about gossip because “I’m so into you” and adds that she can’t “wish this away, as hard as I try.” She asks the other person to tell her how they are feeling because “this is all brand new.” She points out that she thinks it’s real but “I can’t read your mind.”

The narrator says that when she first met the other person, they took her hand and she adds that she was surprised but “it just felt so right.” She concludes by saying that “I know it’s alright when I’m with you.”

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