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Synth Single Review: "Sirens and Screams" by Chypriann

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Chypriann’s Sirens And Screams is thick with fear and darkness pouring from its interwoven synth sounds. The atmosphere seethes with tension and a shadowy veil cloaks the music while surging power heaves underneath. A lush synth oscillation opens the track before massive, solid drums smack into being with a punchy, broken throb which is full of sharp edges.

Sirens wail and airy sounds flow before the crunchy, slicing bass moves along with a medium-low synth exuding shadowy worry. Screams howl out as the slamming, jagged bass weight moves before there’s a slow drift into sparkling chimes and a nervous, tense synth melody.

The fierce, razor-edged bass slices and the gigantic drums throb. Feelings of creeping fear grow and oscillating arpeggios spin, increasing the tension as those sirens and screams become one terrorized sound. The slamming weight doesn’t relent far below until everything falls silent.

© 2022 Karl Magi

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