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Synth Single Review: "Sinners" by Future Analog

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Future Analog’s Sinners explores a struggling relationship seeking a way forward. Spaced out, fragile sounds slowly rise in glistening clouds while Future Analog’s vocals are trembling, emotive and full of deep longing. Steadily pulsing, medium-low synth is touched by rich, string-like sounds and throbbing drum and bass.

Future Analog’s soulful voice is full of feeling as arpeggios whirl and dancefloor drums and bass add energy. Need and pained emotion mingle in the vocal melody as angular, sharp-edged bass pulses. Digital-sounding, round synths flicker in to accent the music. Again the yearning vocal melody reaches out with needy hands as the digital, airy synths frolic. The slamming drum and bass beat fades out on twirling arpeggios.

The narrator wonders where he and the other person are meant to go from “traveling on a bumpy road and not seeing clear.” They need something to come and save them. He speculates that it might be “the sense of emotion rushing through the air.”

Our storyteller questions whether or not they’ve been “lacking devotion” and they don’t care. He asks for something to “come and save our souls” and make them winners because “right now we’re just sinners.” He goes on to say that they’re “just sinners, complicated as it may be.”

Now the narrator adds that he wants the other person to be with him, adding "we’ll be living free totally.” He says that life has taken its toll and “we’re bound to overflow” as he repeats that they are just sinners.” The conclusion reached by our storyteller is that their love has become lifeless and lost but "I can't seem to focus when you're not around.”

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