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Synth Single Review: "Sine of the Times" by Russell Nash

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Russell Nash’s Sine of the Times mingles intense energy with strong melodic writing. Downward rushing synth explodes along with snare drum splashes to open the track. After a drum fill, angular bass flies out under pipe-like, gleaming synth carrying a positive melody. Churning bass drives onward as the main melody is now taken up by medium-high, shining synth.

Eager motion fills the melody as it dances over pounding drums and razor-edged bass. Hollow, piping synth sings while warm, lush chords flare around it. Tight, glittering synth carries a secondary melodic line with darker shading over charging bass.Airier, more easy going feelings return with the piping synth as it shimmers over the muscled weight underneath it.

An unrelenting sensation of speed fills the track as a guitar-like synth charges. Drums burst and synth flashes before the music jumps into a segment in which string-like synth carries the hopeful, yearning melody. After a brief drop, bright life pours from the melody as growling, guitar-like synth adds more power. Massive drums and gritty bass press on, a hollower sound doubling the breathy, elevated melody.

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