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Synth Single Review: "Since You Been Gone" by Catstronaut84 (feat. Jamie Eldridge)

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Catstronaut84’s Since You Been Gone is an exploration of the sense of freedom after a rocky relationship ends. Bright bursts of guitar leap into the music over the beat’s throb and Jamie Eldridge’s voice aches with emotion as he performs his own lyrics. The vocals leap up over a spinning, shimmering line of synth.

Brett Cosby’s guitar cries out a deeply expressive melody over a whirling arpeggio while the drums drive the music on. Jamie Eldridge’s vocals are rich and fit the spirit of the song. Deep bass glides to support the other musical elements while the vocals soar out, the guitar crying in a wheeling, vaulting solo over the spinning arpeggios and hard hitting drums. There’s a feeling of freedom as the guitar leaps out again, full of power before it fades.

The narrator breathes a sigh of relief as he opens the song, talking of feeling alive and “letting go of all the pain inside.” He says that there’s no more need for compromise and everything feels “oh so typical.” The narrator talks about how the relationship made him cynical after he’d been “hoping for a miracle.”

Now he says, “I’ve felt free since you’ve been gone, I got myself back” and remarks on how easy it has been to get over the breakup. He adds that it’s “like the chains have been released.” He points out that the other person was “forbidden fruit” who was poisoning him.

The sense of relief is even stronger as he talks about how he’s “living my life like I’m on ecstasy” now that he doesn’t feel like he’s “under attack.” He sleeps better and feels more free since the other person left.

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