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Synth Single Review: "She's My Religion" covered by Skimode feat. Katie Hightower

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Skimode’s cover of Pale Waves’ She’s My Religion is more ethereal and airy than the original. It transforms a pop ballad into a expressive synthwave anthem. Warm synth keys flare behind Katie Hightower’s husky, expressive vocals as the song opens. Solid, powerful retro drums anchor the strong vocal melody and underpin the distinctive vocals.

This cover has an additional fragility that isn’t present in the original, contributed by the ethereal swirl of its sonic palette. The lead synth has a glittering quality as it calls out which adds to the shining, gentle nature of this cover. The emotive vocals add a vulnerability to the lyrics which makes them feel more touching.

The original is harder-hitting but all of the sonic elements that Skimode uses heighten the fragility in the lyrics. As a whole, the lushness of the synths and the depth of Katie Hightower’s voice results in an aching, touching feeling which permeates the music.

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