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Synth Single Review: "Shadow Instinct" by Miles Matrix

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Miles Matrix’s Shadow Instinct weaves together a mixture of glowing, tense, smooth synths along with a gritty guitar, powerful bass and a relentless drum throb to paint a techno-futuristic picture of a hard-edged, somewhat shadowed world.

Swelling, echoing synths flow over a dark and shifting bass pulse and hollow, round drums as a sharp-edged, driving synth slices into the music over the ethereal breaths of sound that move under it as the dark razor-edged pulse rises and falls along with a cutting, tense sound moving further off in the background, and while the synth and guitar growl and groan together in choppy bursts.

The oscillating, shining synth arpeggios whirl and spin, climbing and descending, as choppy bursts of higher sound and a harsh stutter move through the track. There are contrasting waves of soft, flowing synth sliding underneath the harder sounds.

There’s a jagged and pulsating guitar throb that moves in before the cascading arpeggios shimmer again.The growl of hard-edged sounds keeps up the strong heartbeat as the higher sounds cut in and out before it fades to quiet.

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