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Synth Single Review: "Severed From The Bone" by Divinium

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Divinium’s Severed from the Bone begins with a clash of synths and a slow arpeggio carried on a nasal-sounding, medium-low synth as the guitar cries out over the vocals that flow into the song. Pete Carman’s vocals are strong over the drifting guitar and the circling flow of synths.

The guitar becomes an impassioned howl as the vocals climb above it. Tania Hannah adds her own expressive vocals to the music and there’s a bluesy quality to the guitar. Behind it all, the steady beat throbs and dark pulses of synth move.

This is a song about depression and a breaking relationship in my view. At the beginning, the narrator asks not to be let down and after going “higher and higher” they’re left with nothing. Now the narrator calls the other person’s bluff and the tables are turned as the narrator adds, “when it's over, when it's done, you'll be the target, I'll be the gun.”

A sense of mood swings is conveyed in the line, "you know it’s picking you up just to push you to the bottom.” The feeling of soaring and falling comes through in the words, "it gives you life in the spring and turns the dust into autumn.”

In my view, the line “it has a terrible need to bleed water from a stone” is speaking of depression and the next line refers to what happens when a deep connection is broken when it says, “the flesh is most weak when it’s severed from the bone.”

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