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Synth Single Review: "Secret City" by Chase Midnight

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


“Secret City” begins with a steady pulse of metallic synth and a steady beat played on lush, retro sounding drums. A swirling, nasal, medium-high synth carries a minor key melody with a drifting quality over the easy throb of the beat. A climbing, shimmering melodic line yearns through the track with a wistful air.

Crystalline synths flicker through the track and the metallic, oscillating synth pulses match the beat. A glowing synth sings out a classic melody that speaks of hope and adventure. The energy feels more positive here, a sense of light filling the music over that beat’s steady heartbeat.

Triumphant, brassy synths carrying a quick pulse of propulsive sound over a medium fast beat kick off “The Dragon.” A dancing, twirling synth with a shiny and interlacing quality plays a melody that flies and zigzags through the track over the drum throb.

Full chords swell brightly in the background as the lead melody wiggles over them. The oscillating synths return as the frolicking melody moves while a counter melody of fuller, medium high synth dances along with it and the beat shapes the music.

Chimes glitter in the background and swirls of warm synth move hazily. There’s some unique percussion sounds before another melodic line shines through, a deeper bassline contrasting with it.

Lambent synth doubles with the bass in full bursts and a percussive clap moves in too. Clouds of misty synth coalesce around the drums and bass as a series of rising, full notes close out the track.

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