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Synth Single Review: "Searching" by RND87

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RND87’s Searching creates a dynamically wandering, smoothly gliding feeling as it unfolds. The music's roaming nature captures the feeling of the title.The track begins as gleaming, medium-low, metallic sounding synth chords move in slow, angular motion. After a sweeping wind moves through, a steadily pulsating oscillation shifts below full-sounding, glowing synths carrying a dynamic melody with a melancholy air.

The drums provide a subtly guiding beat along with oscillating bass. Now vibrating synth roams with a seeking feeling as the medium-low, shining synth melody dances in energetic, but longing lines over the bass. Elevated, digital-sounding synth arpeggiates and gently wanders as the high digital sounding notes sparkle.

After a drum fill, the yearning lead synth melody flashes over the rippling bass to create a sense of vaguely mournful motion. Arpeggiating notes add shape and texture while the gleaming, rounded notes guide the track to an end.

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