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Synth Single Review: "Searching For Love" by Coolmowee

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Coolmowee’s Searching For Love begins as delicate, string-like synth accompanies his resonant, hurting vocals over a driving bassline and lightly ticking drums before the undeniably catchy, addictive chorus leaps into the music. I enjoy the angular motion of the melody as Coolmowee’s voice trembles and yearns over the beat and bass as they push the song onward.

Now oscillating bass and thin, thready synth carries the twirling, slightly devious melody before Coolmowee takes it up with his vocals. There’s a wistful ache in the lyrics that is reflected in the vocals and now medium-high, swirling synth doubles Coolmowee’s voice and the bass oscillates. Tight, thin synth carries the ear-catching melody and the chorus shifts again. A fluting synth carries an ancient-sounding melody as the song ends.

The storyteller is seeking the song’s subject with open arms as he is “crawling through the dark, on my knees.” He wonders if his search is working and concludes that if he can’t find the other person, he’ll just go. In the chorus, he asks where he’ll be and answers that he’ll be searching for love. He says he will give the other person one more chance and adds “What will I see? I’ll be searching for love.”

Our narrator talks about looking for love in the other person’s eyes, feeling cold and worn as the warmth slowly dies he is “broken and torn.” He asks if they ought go give it a shot and answers that he doesn’t think so. He repeats the statement that if he can’t find the other person, he’ll leave.

Now the storyteller reaches out for the other person for a second chance. He asks the other person to take his hand “with contemplation out.” He asks to let the strength in their love show if it’s there and concludes, “Maybe we can find it – then we’ll know.”

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