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Synth Single Review: "Save Me Now" by Seersha

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Seersha’s Save Me Now single is a song exploring Joan of Arc and what she stood for and experienced. As the track opens, there’s a flowing sweep of synth and a throbbing beat that’s is joined by Seersha’s expressive, full voice. A unique, metallic string-like synth sound moves through the track as the ethereal sensation that pervades the track flows around it.

Ghostly, lost chimes float around as the beat adds a gliding pulse to the music. The melody in the background is minor and has a lost feeling to it. The guitar that comes in is a little muffled as the beat keeps ticking. There are small sparkles of synth and an interesting drum sample Seersha’s voice carries the emotional content of the song well.

The lyrics to Save Me Now are a unique take on the story of Joan of Arc. As the song begins, it seeks to dispel the idea of Joan of Arc as a saint or a “holy maiden.” Instead she says, “I am but a girl with a vision that will not be shaken.”

She cries out, “Only God can save me now, hold the tree up to my brow” as she defiantly says she’s not afraid to “stand against the darkness” as she knows that she’ll be taken back to “Him from whom I’ve come.”

After those who have killed her state that “we have killed a saint” they ask, "Must we repeat the sins our fathers made?” as they “tied her to a stake, for delivering a truth that did not suit our taste.”

There’s a powerful plea as she says, “Save me from me…hold the banner high” and calls out, “say a prayer for me.” The song ends with her statement that she’s not afraid to take a stand and again repeats, “take me back to Him from whom I’ve come.”

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