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Synth Single Review: "Running" by Monomorte and Moi Saint

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Monomorte and Moi Saint's Running is a ghostly, melancholy expression of loss and yearning. It opens with echoing bells, hollow and distant, that drift out into the track along with a sound reminiscent of a hang drum. The rattling percussion and gigantic bass heave under the echoing ethereality of Moi Saint’s voice, calling out into the massive openness of the void around it.

There’s a spectral feeling to the music as the beat throbs on the huge drums. Deep bass and cavernous openness surround Moi Saint’s expressive vocals while an incorporeal choral howl drifts and fades away. All of the sonic elements flow into vastness while Moi Saint’s voice keeps on echoing out through it all.

The lyrics are full of love, fear and aching loss. The narrator asks the person to whom she’s speaking if they “ever feel this could be something real?” Even as she asks them to hold her close, she can feel them “slip away.” In pain, she wonders whether or not they can “see the truth that I’m part of you.” She adds that in her darkest times, “you burn so bright and blind my fears.”

In the chorus, she talks about the fact that she is running away “from here.” Now she is “lost on the blackest sea” and only sees distance where the other person should be. She is plaintive as she asks, “Can’t you see I'm drowning?” In spite of this, she still lives in hope that the other person will “come back to me.”

At the end of it all, she’s still running right back to the person that has caused her such pain.

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