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Synth Single Review: "Running To You" by Anniee and Midnight Hi-Fi

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Anniee and Midnight Hi-Fi’s Running To You is a song about yearning for a person, despite being hurt by them. Echoing space opens up around the deep throb of the bass and kick drum as thick, hard-edged synth forms a repeating pulse Anniee’s strong voice that expresses deep feeling. Massive drums hit along with a spinning, full-voiced arpeggio that trips through the song under the minor key, wandering vocal melody.

Midnight Hi-Fi’s equally strong, emotive vocals intermingle with Anniee’s to add more drama. There’s real energy and strength in the duet in this song. The guitar howls with wild energy, soaring and wriggling while Anniee’s voice matches it for power and expression. Chiming bells trickle over the heavy throb and pulse before the guitar arcs out and the shimmering synth arpeggio spins under the vocals, full of real feeling.

The narrator is aching for a person who hurts her but she can’t stop chasing them. She says that they’re the person she can’t seem to catch and the “dead end that I won’t end.” Despite that, she still keeps running to them.

There’s pain as she says, “Tell me why I can't have what I want - it seems so cruel” but she still runs back even though the other person is tearing her apart. She talks about how they find her “in the shadows” and that they’re the one she “can’t seem to lose.”

The narrator talks about how the other person glimmers “in the pale moonlight” and that she’s at a loss for what to do. She says that even when she turns to walk away, she finds herself running back to them again.

Aching emotion pours from the lines, “Break me open, spill me out. There's nothing left to do.” She admits that the other person has her heart so “I’ll always run to you.”

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