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Synth Single Review: "Ride" by Indigo

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Indigo’s Ride bursts with need, affection and melancholy. Lush, slightly broken lower synth is touched by glimmering chimes as the song opens. Low synth undulates and trembles before drums slowly guide the music along with a rich bass flow. Indigo’s vocals have a tender, enfolding quality and the vocal melody is gently affectionate.

A guitar adds depth as it pulses out medium-high notes as Indigo weaves a loving melody, full of caressing emotion. Slightly broken, vibrating synths ripple out and the chorus leaps, Indigo’s vocal is full of deep expression over bursting drums and pulsating bass pulsation. Flowing synths tumble together as oscillating bass adds more energy to the throbbing drums before the song ends.

Our narrator speaks of feeling lost again at night. She asks the song’s subject to “hold the wheel, hold me and drive.” She expresses a desire to “close the door on it all” and put it behind her.

Now the storyteller speaks of rolling the windows down and going for a ride. She says that they have “one more ride to be lost in the night.” She asks “Can you decide If we’re chasing the light until the sky divides…” and they can find a hiding place on that night.

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