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Synth Single Review: Red Stoned Dog, "Seeds of Rebellion"

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Track artwork for Red Stoned Dog's new single, "Seeds of Rebellion"

Track artwork for Red Stoned Dog's new single, "Seeds of Rebellion"

Red Stoned Dog’s “Seeds of Rebellion” is a fierce, shredding aural assault full of roaring guitars, industrial grade drums and pumping bass that gets right up in your face and doesn’t let up until the last note of the track has faded out.

As the track opens, quick electronic oscillations are joined by hard-hitting drums and a pumping, rapid bass beat underneath a crunchy synth line that throbs and dances out, repeating a quick pattern of notes. Now there is guitar thunder, churning synth and an absolutely ferocious drum attack before the track drops back into that pulsating, moving synth line and drums that batter under repeating synth oscillations.

Again the guitar thunders and roars over a pounding tide of beats and bass. There’s a seething atmosphere of rage oozing from that heavy musical attack. The track moves back into a more electronic groove again before another slab of ferocious guitar with a distinctly metallic bent hits like a sledgehammer.

“Seeds of Rebellion” creates and then revels in an angry, seething wall of sound that batters into the brain. As the track moves towards a conclusion, there’s a brief moment of floating respite before the whole track goes into a full-bore attack again. This is angry, raging music that has no qualms about making a sonic assault. If it is meant to convey the intensity of emotion and anger that plants those seeds of rebellion it definitely succeeds on that score. I could feel that seething mixture of revolt and rage dripping off each note.

I’ll freely admit that this is music that puts me outside of my comfort zone. I found it challenging to listen to but I really appreciate the fact that it conveys the sense of seething anger that I think Red Stoned Dog was going for. It packs a strong emotional punch and I firmly believe that good music has to make one feel something and "Seeds of Rebellion" definitely succeeds on that score.

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