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Synth Single Review: "Ready, Aim, Fire" by N A T V E S


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N A T V E S’ Ready Aim Fire tells the tale of a relationship breaking apart with strong vocals, aching lyrics and a background full of the reedy passion of sax and the emotive sound of electric guitar. The song opens with warm, organ-like notes growing into the background before the electric guitar leaps energetically into the music. The sax calls out in a powerful passionate and emotive song and Emma Rowley’s strong, expressive vocals that are sharp and carry the addictive lead melody as the guitar adds support behind it.

The drums pound and throb and now Scott Gilman’s equally strong and emotive voice cries out. His voice intertwines with Emma Rowley’s. There’s a drum hit and a more delicate, warm and slow segment moves in behind the vocals. The sax solo soars out in a shining line of rising warmth and uplifting energy, the reedy strength adding to the emotional content of the song.

The raw ache of a breaking relationship is expressed in this song. The female voice in the story is full of regret as the lyrics say, “Should have seen the signs, could have felt this coming if I was standing on the other side” as she adds that all he had to do was “get behind my best defences.” There’s a sharp self-criticism as she continues, “Somebody needs to bring me to my senses, nobody knows how to fight me quite like you do.”

In the chorus, she says that all he has to do is “ready aim fire” and take his best shot while she’s broken hearted. She asks simply, “What are you waiting for?”

Now the other side of the story is told by the male voice. He asks if she remembers what it was like “before the war.” There’s pain in his story too as he says that he kept coming back for more but, “all you have to say is none of it was ever real.” He speaks of being “broken and beaten on the battlefield” and paying the price for “a fight you won’t feel.”

The story continues as he says, “Leave my heart in pieces and watch them fall” and her aching reply is, “I can give you a thousand reasons we should burn it all.”

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