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Synth Single Review: "Purple Breeze" by Ankh Wave

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

Cover art by Mad Rachel

Cover art by Mad Rachel

Ankh Wave’s Purple Breeze mixes gentleness and strength in a contrasting sonic journey. The track starts off as resonating bass flows in a descending line and medium-low, densely tangled synth pulses as the solid drums kick in. The drums add a strong driving force to the track over rich bass wells.

Above the dense bass, slightly gruff synth moves in waves. Broad-sounding, medium-low synths weave a melodic pattern that mingles pained emotion with a dreamy sensibility. Intertwining, undulating guitar moves in trembling waves through the music. The dense drum throb adds motion and gleaming synth cascades while pulsating bass shapes the track.

Elevated synth reaches and yearns as the drums break into an uneven pattern. Glittering sounds arcing out above the strong drums and the bass creates more dynamic energy as it moves in bursts. High above the song’s other elements, flashing synth carries a melody with hopeful light pouring from it. The percussion pushes the music onwards as elevated, echoing guitar notes flow along. The beat subdivides to add a slightly uneven quality before the track fades.

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