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Synth Single Review: "Pure Love" by Synthetik Blonde

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Pure Love comes into being with a shimmer of synth and computerized sounds. Long flows of dark vocal breath move over heavy bass and a shifting, technological rush of twisting sound carried on a medium-low synth. Over that rush of synth sound, a guitar shines in short bursts of shiny notes and a hard, heavy drum beat hits to propel the track forward.

Synthetik Blonde’s vocals are strong and full of airy expression while the guitar swirls and dances into the track, whirling and spinning as that tech-y pulse continues. The guitar plays a funky melodic line over the throbbing beat as the synth line bubbles up. The guitar howls out a solo that climbs and dances over the insistent beat. The vocals are full of passion and feeling as now a starry synth sparkles up high over the music.

For me, the pure love in this song is music and its power. This song is from the perspective of this musical force. It asks if we hear it as it calls in the night and the creator succumbs to “the syncopation filling up the sky.” The music pulls the musician in close and whispers “you know you want it.”

In the chorus, the music says, “I am pure love, penetrate your mind. This is pure love, warms you from deep inside.” I like the idea of a creator being stripped bare in the line, “let me undress you slow... breathe it in as you go.” The ability of music to transport listeners and makers of music is expressed as the words talk about being taken “inside the feeling of space and time.”

It asks if we see the way it lights up the night and says, “Look into my angel’s eyes, filling up the sky.” The power reaches out to the musician and she takes its hand. Finally it says, “Close your eyes, take just a little taste.”

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