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Synth Single Review: "Post Break-Up Drive" by Flipwav

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Flipwav’s Post Break-Up Drive single has a smooth flow to it but it’s a flow touched by shadows. It has a melancholy feeling that echoes the title, along with moments of tension and energy. The track opens on the sound of distant gulls and the wash of the ocean. A throbbing percussive heartbeat comes into the track along with dark piano chords. The lead synth has full quality and slight distortion as it plays a leaping, roving melody which cascades through the track.

There’s a unique percussion sound that has overtones of something ancient as it throbs steadily behind the music. The drum sounds begin to shudder and stutter into the music along with rising, dark piano chords. The track feels shadowed as continual drum throb and a chopped up vocal sample are joined by a brighter chiming sound doubling the synth melody as it roams through the track and then fades out on piano notes.

There’s a combination of light and shadow on Post Break-Up Drive that reflects all of the conflicting emotions at the end of a relationship. All of the musical elements come together to represent emotion and express internal conflict for me on this single.

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