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Synth Single Review: "Polybius" by Severum

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Severum’s Polybius evokes digital darkness in this tale of an arcade game level that transports the player to an unknown place when played. Gruff, ultra-low sound growls in and begins to rise, rise and rise again until it becomes a screaming, gritty slash. The throbbing drumbeat’s weight moves under an angular, oscillating, twisting melody with a jagged edge. The melody wriggles over the relentless drums and propulsive bass in a dynamic, sharp-edged line. The music is hard driven and speeding. Digital sounds capture the arcade game atmosphere as they tremble and shift. with urgent darkness.

A hard-edged, rough bass pulse shifts and a steady ticking sound contributes more energy to the track. A warmer arpeggiating pattern dances through the music in oscillating, rising ripples before and the drums slow to half time under the twisting, sharp synth angles. A sweeping wind moves through as the rapidly trembling synth is joined by speeding drums and blocks of active synth chords that are deeper below the lead melody. The beat has strong forward motion as the arpeggios whirl. A half time drumbeat throbs in again while the angular lead synth moves. The track ends on bright flowing synths fading into silence.

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