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Synth Single Review: "Planet Maroon" by Vulkari64 (feat. Shikimo)

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Vulkari64 and Shikimo’s Planet Maroon is a flowing, open synth-based track with a strong melody and a sensation of drifting through the stars. It begins with a distant, arpeggiating, elevated pattern of gently shining synth moving over a deep bass throb. The lead synth melody has a smooth, caressing quality as it glides over the beat and shifting lines of deep bass. The glittering height of the chimes doubles the gentle melody as it calls out, full of positive feelings, while light sparkles around it.

The drum heartbeat moves the track along and the glow keeps shining through in a gliding melodic pattern. The starry chimes shimmer and the beat throbs as a secondary melodic pattern is carried on round pipe-like synths with a stuttering feeling. The beat slides through and the high synth glimmers as the energizing, full melody keeps singing out over the beat. The pipes carry an easy note pattern through the densely layered sounds before lapsing into silence.

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