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Synth Single Review: "Pink City" by Del-Anov and Mjoymusic

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Del-Anov and Mjoymusic's Pink City single has a feeling of something ghostly and melancholy in it. There’s something haunting in Mjoymusic’s voice and in the lyrics of the song that is complemented and contrasted by the warm sweeps of synth and the minor key feeling of the lead synth melody. The beat has an easy throb that makes it all flow together.

The mixture of Mjoymusic’s smooth and silky vocals with the airy rushes of sound that move through the track help it feel a little diaphanous. I like the tinge of sadness that permeates the music as it flows from the melody and the gentle pulses of synth that flow under and over it.

I also enjoy the dense sound of the synth that plays a twisting, climbing solo toward the end of the track as that easy throbbing beat moves under it and the feeling of warmth circulates around the more ethereal parts of the track.

The lyrics of the song are full of symbolism and interesting imagery. The words, “White lies, hidden faces. Low lights, never fading” create a sense of concealment. There’s the implication of a cold deception in the words, “These cold-blooded eyes, staying static. The truth in disguise, as a habit.”

The song speaks of “greed as a fusion” for people who are “stuck in time” and “trapped inside an illusion.” The sense of illusion is reinforced by the lines, “Reach out to the sky, in your fantasy life. Neglect every doubt, for desire.”

The final lines talk about regrets as sinful “in these terror heights” while "standing alone facing all of these devil eyes” as if being judged while living in this self-created illusion.

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Del-Anov and Mjoymusic create a melancholy, mysterious and ethereal feeling on Pink City that leaves me feeling a touch drifting and lost. I mean that as a compliment because the atmosphere that has been generated was quite effective at creating emotion in me.

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