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Synth Single Review: "Pass Over" by Octal Drive

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Octal Drive’s Pass Over kicks off with a gruff bass growl behind a soft swirling landscape of gentle notes and a steadily moving pulse of synth that lightly brushes over the track.

Elevated synth glows and chimes before an electric guitar rises in a bright line over the vocal samples, the wash of water and the steady synth pulse. Big drums throb and the synths climb in glittering sparkles of sound. The guitar cries out with passion as shimmering, round synths carry bursts of notes over the deep weight below them

Nasal, full, elevated synth plays a cascading, wandering melodic line of synth that is suffused with light. A jazzy sense of freedom flows from the glittering synth melody over the steady beat. There’s a break to a section in which a sultry female voice joins the wash of waves and delicate flow of easy, gliding sound that sweep through along with crystal chimes.

After the music accelerates, the rich voice of the sax soars out and sings over the drums. The sax is also imbued with freewheeling energy. An angular sound moves behind shimmering chimes. The drums dance and burst while glowing light shines out and fades while the bass jumps.

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