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Synth Single Review: Palm Lakes, Falling In Love Again

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Why is the saxophone so sexy? There’s just something about that sound that oozes pure sex appeal and that feeling is used to good effect on Palm Lakes’ latest single “Falling In Love Again.” This is a pure ‘80s pop balad that stays on just the right side of cheesy with that sax melody. The lead singer’s voice has that almost breaking, emotionally engaging feeling to it as he reminisces about a relationship in the past, singing a beautiful melody. There’s a sense of hope and uplift in the track which is so desperately needed in these uncertain, volatile times.

The sax melody in this song is just brimming with passion and when that guitar solo happens, it cries out with just as much passion as the sax. The lyrics are exactly what I want out of an ‘80s-influenced love song and the chorus drips earnest warmth. The vocals, including the female vox that happen towards the end of the track, have exactly the right level of yearning and desire to fit the feeling that “Falling In Love Again” is going for. I am really digging the overall mental image that the track creates.

This is honest retrowave music that hits all the right nostalgia buttons while still delivering a clean, crisp modern production. If this indicates a future direction for Palm Lakes, I want to hear more of it!

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