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Synth Single Review: "Orbital Assault" by Millennium Falck

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

Cover Art by Jimmy Synthetic

Cover Art by Jimmy Synthetic

Millennium Falck’s Orbital Assault captures the intensity and sense of motion of a battle in outer space, full of driving power and drama. The track opens with the depth and weight of a drumbeat that hits you right in the chest along with a solidly punching bass. Lofty, repeating drifts of synth move in a slowly oscillating pattern as the throbbing drums and bass add strength to the music. The synth pattern has an ethereal feeling underneath the exciting lead melody that whirls and climbs, carried on a medium-high synth that bends and slides.

The drums break and the lead synth howls and cries with rising light over the steady sonic pulses intertwining underneath it. There’s a swirling sweep of notes flowing underneath powerful drums that hit hard while a medium-high, slightly distorted lead synth cartwheels through the track. There are vocal samples throughout that add to the sense of an outer space battle.

There’s a powerful synth solo that rises up, full of passion, before the track breaks to the steady heartbeat of drums and a medium-high, shifting line of synth that continues with an ethereal feeling as it moves over the depth and intensity of the beat under it and fades into silence.

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