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Synth Single Review: "Only the Light Will Falter" by Brian Sangmeister

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Brian Sangmeister’s latest single “Only the Light Will Falter” is full of easy warmth, a sense of flowing, open space and guitar work that adds a feeling of lightness and energy to the music on both of the tracks that it includes.

There is this sense of everything being lightly tinged by a certain kind of easy flow in the music. When Brian Sangmeister combines his warm guitar tones with sparkling synths, he produces music that sounds like it is full of airy ease. There is a laidback quality to the music on both “Only the Light Will Falter” and its Bandcamp only companion “Further.”

The guitar work on this single has a leaping, flying quality to it that adds to the feeling of warmly gliding along over the glowing and metallic synth sounds that move underneath. There is a certain brightness that comes out of the synths and guitar here that seems to make everything shine.

The ease of the music is kept balanced by the strong beat that moves under both of the tracks on this release. The drums ensure that everything has a good anchor point so the different elements of the tracks don’t feel untethered, despite being airy and light.

“Only the Light Will Falter” has a guitar solo that cascades through the interlinked elements around it. There’s a feeling of relaxation and smoothness in the guitar. There’s an organ-like quality to one of the synths here along with a light, metallic sounding part that spins through the music. I liked how much shine these elements added. I also enjoyed the smoothness of the drums and the shredding synth solo that flashes into the track, full of sparkle and glow.

There’s a feeling flowing and floating on “Further” created by long passages of synth sound moving through open space. I enjoy the glowing synth that flows and crescendos into the music before sharply fading out again. This is a flowing, floating and gliding track as all of the interlocking elements move in and out of the music.

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“Only the Light Will Falter” is another example of Brian Sangmeister’s approach to synth-based music that is intricate, full of airy feelings and possessing a deep sense of musicality.

  • Brian Sangmeister
    Brian Sangmeister Electronic/ Synth/ Ambient music with a cinematic atmosphere, often inspired by nature, film or literature. For clear nights, rainy days, staring at the ceiling or gazing at the sky. "Only the Light Will Falter", released 03 July 20

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