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Synth Single Review: "One on One" by GrandBlaster

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


GrandBlaster’s One on One interweaves gritty, smooth and energetic elements into a cohesive musical whole. It comes to life with an urgent rush of spinning, twisting synth given direction by a diffuse sounding drumbeat. Synths surge together in a sharp, angular pattern with a gritty edge as the electric bass actively moves underneath.

A rough-edged synth sings an energetic melody and the drums charge as the bass growls deeply along with another low synth pulse. The track is full of energy and motion as the wide, dense synth pattern wanders in a blocky line while the electric bass knots underneath it.

A dynamic synth pattern writhes through over the driving beat. The darkly triumphant lead melody is taken up by an organ-like synth before the track makes a return to the surging, urgent main melody that is full of restless energy.

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