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Synth Single Review: "One More Way (To Say Goodbye)" by Machina X

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Machina X’s One More Way (To Say Goodbye) tells the tale of a fading relationship. The song commences as sharp-edged synths form a cutting pattern below Machina X’s strong voice as it soars. The vocal melody's a little uncertain and aching as the hard-edged percussion pulses cleanly below it. Machina X captures resonant feeling in her voice as the vocal melody aches wistfully. Huge, shadowy bass is shaped by pulsing drums as music box sounds briefly trickle in.

Heavy drums create a heartbeat and the lost, drifting vocals are full of intense emotion. Sparkling lights flicker to accent the expressive vocals as a piano takes up the hurting, still dreaming melody. Gigantic drums and bass heave below Machina X’s emotional voice and the pained melody before the song ends.

The narrator says that her world keeps spinning without the other person and she’s starting to “doubt who was really to blame here.” She adds that she might figure it out and “just live without.” She asks the song’s subject if they know that she spent a long time “on the sidelines, hung out to dry.”

Our storyteller points out that life is too short to regret things and she “finally get(s) that you were just passing by.” She goes on to say that one day they may look back and say that it’s okay. She adds “If it don’t kill ya, it makes you stronger. Isn't that what they say, yeah?”

In the chorus, our narrator talks about one more way to say goodbye and “two more days to draw a line.” She also talks about two more days “to leave behind” and adds that it was “more than a season" but just one reason. It was also a "lifetime ago, yeah?”

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She wonders if she is “finally alright to be in the spotlight of your yesterdays.” The narrator continues by asking why, even if the other person is out there, she would go there any more. She concludes by saying that “hearts ’n minds go resistant, become distant with space and time.”

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