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Synth Single Review: "On The Run" by Lyn Rajah

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Lyn Rajah’s On The Run weaves together well-chosen synth sounds to create music full of delicate smoothness and flowing energy. The music has a soothing quality to it and enfolds the listener in a misty, glowing soundscape. The song begins with quick drum sounds before airy, light synths glide in twinkling lines. After a soft brushing hiss, a hollow drum bounces unevenly along with light tapping sounds.

The lead synth is elevated, bright and delicately drifting with a swirling, warmly glowing feeling. The main synth part climbs in gentle lines while the drums slip and tap in a repeating pattern to add form to the music. Over top of the other musical elements, metallic xylophone-like notes call out while a bass note pattern cuts in and out. String-like sounds plucking in the background while hazy light shines from the wandering chimes and the drums have a bouncing resonance to them.

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