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Synth Single Review: "On Our Own" by Liquid Modern

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Liquid Modern’s cover of On Our Own is a smooth, flowing and dynamic rendering of Bobby Brown’s Nu Jack Swing song. It kicks off as Lord Kojak’s mellow, reverberating synths move into open space in stuttering lines along with Kojette’s cool, repeating vocal line.

The beat thuds in steadily now, adding a pulse that propels the track forward. The synths are full and jazzy as Kojette’s rich, full vocals cry out over top. This cover reshapes the Nu-Jack Swing style into something more modern but still ear-grabbing.

An angular pulse of full synth moves in glowing lines while the drums add more weight underneath it. The vocals are strongly expressive above the ethereal synths as they drift over the relentless beat. Bright, evolving synth flickers through and a minor key, melodic line glides over broken vocals.

This song has a shimmering flow and a clear, clean sound. Kojette really feels the lyrics while the glittering arpeggio shifts through and the beat keeps guiding the music onward. We fade into vocals alone and then silence.

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