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Synth Single Review: "Omen" by SHIKIMO

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SHIKIMO’s Omen is a track that brims with tension and the dark shadows of something lurking and growing in the background. There are contrasts between deeply grumbling bass and cut glass sharpness from high, chiming synths as all of the various layers of sound in the music interact with one another. SHIKIMO has a knack for creating music that is full of atmosphere and complex intertwining between parts and its on full display here.

"Omen: begins with the deep rumble of static-infused bass and a drifting synth line played on a medium high synth with a ghostly quality. Gentle, distant arpeggios playing on a chiming synth begin to swell in volume along with the deep bass. The high, rapid arpeggios that spin tensely draw my attention as the bass drifts out in long waves. I enjoy the shadows that swell in this segment along with the deep pulse of a kick drum.

All of the interlocking musical elements accelerate together after a brief silent moment. A drum fill launches the steady beat as those high sharp-edged synths arpeggiate over the complex intertwining layers of sound. I like how the multiple sonic interactions add to the feeling of something exploding forth in a mad array of energy.

The hollow sounding toms hit again as bright and dark elements mix and flow, sharp and hard over the rumbling bass while the higher sounds flash out over the track and then everything fades back out again, disappearing into the blackness.

"Omen" has a really cool atmosphere to it along with complex musical interactions that add contrasting energies to the track. I hope this is a preview for the kind of music on SHIKIMO’s next full album.

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