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Synth Single Review: "Nothing Compares To You" by Lombardo


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Lombardo’s cover of Nothing Compares To You by Prince captures the emotional weight of that song while adding a lush synth soundscape that is equally expressive.

The cover kicks off with dense synth pulsing in a bright line over piano chords that emphasize the ballad-like feel of the song. The lead singer’s voice is powerful and deeply expressive as massive drums and thick bass add a steady pulse below the soaring performance.

The piano chords are warm and melancholy as a chorus of glowing synth shines and falls away around them. Passion pours from the words as sparkling synth moves over the throbbing bass line.

There’s a bluesy, howling solo from the electric guitar that wheels high above the throbbing beat and bass, deeply intense and heartfelt. There’s an earnest expression to this cover that is in touch with Prince’s original composition.

The way that Lombardo’s interpretation uses the lush qualities of synthesizers supports the feelings that Prince put into the lyrics of the song. It’s a cover that finds new dimensions in the song by taking a fresh approach to the music.

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