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Synth Single Review: "New Biosphere (Extended Bass Space-Hog Remix)" by Bullcrane

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Bullcrane's New Biosphere (Extended Bass Space-Hog Mix) mingles massive bass, airy flute and uniquely interwoven synth sounds. Heavy bass doubles sharp-edged, medium-high synth moving in a vibrating, bouncing pattern to kick things off. Piano chords drift with a minor key quality as they float out.

Sweeping sound flares and fades as repeating bass throbs and edged synth is touched by ethereally drifting flute. The drums break and pulse briefly before fading while the jazzy flute airily flits.

Once again, drums and bass create a hypnotic pulse as they drift and gnarly electric bass touches the music. Warmly swelling piano chords add lushness while the flute delicately floats above the guiding drumbeat.

Rounded, digital-sounding synth carries a tenderly yearning melody. Gleaming synth sings out and the flute slips along with a rapidly flaring synth that flanges and fades. The synth pulse interlocks with propulsive bass and drums while the flute glides.

Full-sounding, medium-low synth sings the gentle and soothing melody while drums burst and tumbling, rapidly pulsating bass trembles. Angular, tense synth cuts in rising, distorted lines above oscillating bass and we fade on one warm chord.

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