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Synth Single Review: "Neverending Sunrise" by Mike Haunted & Chris KD

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Mike Haunted & Chris KD ’s Neverending Sunrise combines a classic synthwave beat, emotive lyrics and an uplifting vocal melody. A soft ripple of synth sound and an elevated, shining line of gentle synth bursts over a classic, driving synthwave beat to open the song.

Chris KD’s breathy, but full and emotive vocals move with the throbbing beat as guitar notes shine out over it. A quick arpeggio wriggles in as the chorus climbs, the vocal melody uplifting and positive as a glowing synth bends into the track.

The vocals are hopeful and yearning as an arpeggio dances in rapid flashes over the propulsive beat. The synths shimmer and interlock above the oscillating bass as Chris KD’s voice captures the emotion of the lyrics.

The whole song is full of energy as it moves forward over the unique, bouncing bass line with flashes of guitar cutting in over it. The arpeggios ripple and add more brightness before fading into gentle float.

A picture of a powerful, intense and all consuming connection between two people is painted in the lyrics of this song. As the song begins, the narrator talks of being “led by a little angel” and being “invited by the deserted roads” that they’re following again.

It is “too late to come down” for the pair as they’ve hit another milestone. In spite of the windscreen being “in a thousand pieces” they ignore this crash and are “surrounded by the orange flames and a blue sky” and “mesmerized by this never-ending sunrise.”

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There’s a sense of serenity in the car and the angel “is whispering once more.” The narrator wants to “keep this fascination forever.” He asks the other person to lift him up “when everything falls apart” and adds, “Would you wake me up? I’m about to close my eyes.”

At the end of it all, he concludes that “we can’t go away, I need your hand in mine.”

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