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Synth Single Review: "Neon Highway" by Helsinki Project

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Helsinki Project’s Neon Highway combines delicate synth shimmer with solid energy and melodic richness. Steady, chest thumping retro drums underpin gently floating, hollow synth as quick flashes of chiming light come in. Crystal chimes glitter in a delicately descending line before they carry the main melody. There’s a glassy shimmer to the caressing, wistful melody as it sparkles out into the open air of the track.

A steady, xylophone-like pulse repeats over rising synth clouds and the drum beat throbs in again. The melody feels more triumphant as it’s now carried on a medium-high, dense synth. In spite of the rising triumphant feeling, there’s still a twinge of melancholy. The drums break to a brief moment of crystalline sparkle before driving again. The melody aches and drifts in clear line before flowing into a distant drum and flashing brightness that fades out.

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