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Synth Single Review: "Neon Frost" by Alan Elettronico


Alan Elettronico’s Neon Frost has a flowing, wintry sparkle to it as it unfolds. Airy, rushing sounds flow into open space in a desolate line to open the track. Metallic, string-like synth echoes out to form a trembling, melancholy melodic pattern above oscillating bass and pounding kick drum motion. The lead synth shines icily above clapping, driving percussion and massive bass.

The sonic space has an open feeling to it as cleanly glowing synth flickers. A segment with rapidly rippling synth flickering with clarity and cool light above heavily throbbing kick drum and rushing bass comes in. Warmer, more full-sounding synth shimmers as it carries the gently dreaming, hurting main melody through the track.

Heavily pounding drums and dense bass add shape and lonely wind drifts as rounded, enfolding synths wrap around the listener’s ears. There is powerful motion from the drums and bass before silence falls.

© 2023 Karl Magi

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