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Synth Single Review: "My Hero" by Tarabud

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Tarabud’s My Hero is a song about love, hope and every day heroics backed by a dynamic, positive slice of synth sound. The song starts out with an oscillating throb of bass, Japanese vocal samples and a metallic, bell synth playing a shifting melodic line. Tarabud’s impassioned vocals move over the metallic synth dance, jumping in a hollow, swirling series of notes.

Drums drive on, propelling the song below the hopeful and caressing vocals, bubbling with expression. A slow-motion, sparkling arpeggio intertwines with the vocals before a cascading synth sings out with lambent energy, adding more uplift and energy to the song.

The narrator tells the person she’s addressing, "you don’t need to die to be my hero” after years of “running so low” She points out that “we make mistakes and fall short surely” and reminds the song’s subject not to “abort your soul yet.”

She adds that this person does “so many things so well” adding if “like a tiger you’ll run, I’ll catch you.” There’s heroism in the fact that “you don’t go quiet into the night” despite things running low and that instead “you turn in that frown and face the fight.”

It may be that “your world is hell about now” but she has confidence that they’ll “bring the house down” together regardless. She says, “Sparks will fly when we drive there slowly, golden sun and some wine remind us who we are” to end the song on a positive note.

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