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Synth Single Review: "Multiverse" by Sonic Gap

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Artwork for Sonic Gap's new single, "Multiverse"

Artwork for Sonic Gap's new single, "Multiverse"

I always find Sonic Gap’s musical ideas interesting. He’s got a unique take on synth-based music and "Multiverse" is no exception to that unique approach. This track is in a style that Sonic Gap calls “spacefunk.” It has lots of jazzy touches along with that funkified bass and the flowing feeling given by the synths. The lyrics are also interesting, as they explore the theme of the title.

Multiverse opens with drums and deep Rhodes notes, as a higher synth flies over the top. Now we get a nice bit of whistling over those jazz chords. The drums and bass are seriously solid and hit hard and there’s nothing like a good funky bass. There’s also a wandering, drifting high synth and one can feel the strong jazz influences coming through in the music.

That funky bass is an integral part of the track. It has a very cool sound and helps cement the spacefunk feeling of Multiverse as it holds down a groove underneath the synthy elements that do produce the feeling of being in space.

There’s also a synth solo that leaps and wanders as it is underpinned by the jazzy Rhodes sounds that move through the track. There are some interesting musical choices that can only come from someone who has a familiarity with jazz.

The vocal melody is engaging and the lyrics dig into the multiverse idea nicely as Sonic Gap sings, “Are you out there... in a parallel dimension? I can't find you in this world of suspension.” He goes on to sing that, “I could be you, you could be me/In this multiverse mind is always free.” The idea that there are multiple parallel universes thanks to quantum weirdness has always fascinated me and I like the approach that Sonic Gap takes on Multiverse when exploring the topic.

As I said earlier, Sonic Gap explores a wide variety of different sounds and ideas in his music. Multiverse is another interesting combo of ideas and sounds that all gel and create a listening experience that’s enjoyable and engaging.

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