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Synth Single Review: "Motorcycle" by flashback81 (feat. Caskety)

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Flashback81’s Motorcycle opens with a crackling background, swirling and warm, while smooth synths and strong drums throb into the music. Caskety’s warm voice brims over with expression as it flows into the track while the charging beat hits and oscillating, slightly nasal synth sounds glide out over it.

The track breaks into a passage in which shimmering synths flicker and float behind Caskety’s voice as it adds a caressing, easy sensation to the song. The gentle pulse of synth moves over the driving and throbbing beat that keeps dancing into the track.

Desires, hope and dreams all mingle in the lyrics of the song, Our narrator opens by talking about the ideas running through her head as she is “standing all alone in a crowded room.” She has her eyes on someone and says, “I guess I'll make the first move. My friends wont pretend to like you at all” but still wants to be dancing with the person “until last call.”

The chorus speaks of wish fulfillment for our narrator, a dream of someone who will “put me on the back of your motorcycle, drive me through streets under the neon lights” and show her a more exciting life and “blind me with all the bright lights.”

The imagery and ideas in the lines, “tonight is the night to wake up the moon, we’ll take our electric sheep, we’ll pretend they’re alive” were particularly well done and conjured up a dreamy feeling.

There may be “hunters” who will chase after the couple but our storyteller insists that “we’ll be alright.” She cautions against trying to read her mind or expecting her to “tell you what I’m trying to find” as she concludes, "just show me a good time and I’ll be yours.”

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Motorcycle has a strong storytelling element to it that combines well with Caskety's warm voice, the throbbing beat and the shimmering synths that move around the other elements of the song.

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