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Synth Single Review: "Mother Mania" by ELYXIR. and Neilio

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ELYXIR.’s Mother Mania leaps into life with a big, dynamic, driving beat and arcing, howling guitar along with a dose of hard-hitting retro drums. ELIXYR’s voice is powerful and full of energy as she punchily delivers the vocals. There’s propulsion in this music as the beat pushes on, brimming with power.

The song breaks into a segment with deeply oscillating bass, shimmering chimes and ELYXIR.’s strong vocals over the endless beat. Producer Neilio creates a strong mix of modern production and '80s vibes in the song. The guitar adds a rocking voice as it dances behind the words.

In this world, so powerfully mediated by the digital space, the opportunities for manipulation by a variety of actors are massive. This song explores the dangers of existing in this world. The narrator speaks of “calculated distraction through algorithmic destruction.” The search for “likes” is laid bare in the line, “You say I need you to like me now.”

The actors in this space have the cold hands that the lyrics address and those hands reach out to cause “warm suffocation.” In a world where basic facts are disputed, there will always be the “true lies” and “fake condemnation” that the narrator mentions. As the song points out, “Guilty? You don’t care if I’m guilty.”

The chorus talks about “Mother Mania” and in the words of ELYXIR. this represents, “the nurturer of Mother, and the destruction of Mania” that are a part of the digital realm. She adds, “Mother Mania explores how we are often damaged by those who are supposed to be the people and institutions that claim to love us most, and care about our safety and wellbeing.”

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The powerful actors that work to control us “take the lead and say follow” as we are coerced “until we are hollow.” There’s an interesting idea expressed in the idea of accusing someone of being “violent with silence.” The contradiction of someone who has all the advantages and still claims to be disadvantaged is laid bare as the lyrics point out that, “the cards were stacked in your favour yet you’re desperate for a saviour.” The truth is “you caused the storm, you’re a traitor.”

In the song, we are facing an immortal enemy that is causing a war in the real world. As the narrator says, “I’m just a casualty of your calamity.” The prognosis is not good in the narrator’s view as she says, “There’s no escape, there’s no return, I’m just collateral to burn.”

Given all of this, the narrator decides it is better to drift away and embrace Mother Mania. She ends, “Take me Mother Mania, save me Mother Mania.”

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