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Synth Single Review: "Moment In Time" by Popcorn Kid and Noxigen

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Popcorn Kid and Noxigen’s Moment in Time is an evocation of two people meeting and forming a connection that starts to evolve into something more. A gritty bass oscillation and a gigantic, chest-punching drumbeat are joined by glittering bursts of sunny synth notes. Noxigen’s voice is pure retro fun, brimming over with poppy feeling. The propulsive beat leaps forward, full of energizing motion, while the climbing, flying vocal melody echoes out.

This song is full of massive sounds and strong pop sensibilities. The chorus echoes and swirls with dense synth gliding through in a sharp-edged line. Noxigen’s guitar cries out in a wild, shredding, spinning solo. The solo is intricate and full of musical detail, blasting out with as much dynamic power as the other sonic elements of the track.

The narrator says he’s “feeling lucky tonight” so he picks up the phone because he can’t help himself and gives in. He tells the person to whom he’s singing that “under city lights, we can go see the band, draw some lines in the sand.”

He starts out saying that “I’m kind of a mess though” so he asks to take it slow and figure out one another’s “merits.” He says he’s got a “sneaking suspicion” that they have a connection, but adds that time will tell.

However, his feelings begin to change as they sit, seeing the “skyline shining bright” and drinking a glass of wine. He realizes that “love is a potion brewing” and he’s falling for the other person.

Things have moved quickly as he concludes, “It seems to me that I’ll take you home tonight. I see no point in waiting.”

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