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Synth Single Review: "Missing Person" by Star Madman & Tarabud

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Star Madman & Tarabud’s Missing Person opens as angular, dynamic bass bursts into the music contrasted by warming, breathy synth notes dancing above it. Tarabud and Star Madman’s voices complement each other, carrying the melody that exudes hope and need. Flashes of resonant synth accent the two singers’ expressive vocals as drums and bass propel the song onward.

Tarabud and Star Madman’s voices have caressing qualities that mingle nicely. A reverent sonic moment flows before throbbing drums and undulating bass come in again. Nasal, low-sounding synth drops through as bass pulses unevenly and clapping percussion prefaces a dynamic, rippling chorus. Glowing light fills the music as the drums and bass add motion. Tarabud and Star Madman combine their emotive vocals as the leaping, pulsing low end drives the song on. The rippling, engaging chorus carries the song to a conclusion.

Our storyteller says that she didn’t think she’d see the other person’s face and adds that they are “so fine” and made her day. She adds that her “nerves faltered” and she couldn’t look anywhere else. Now the narrator says that the song’s subject moved out of her reach as they walked down the beach and began “drifting slowly out to sea.” She points out that the song’s subject is someone she can’t do without, her “missing person” who should “drop your anchor, come on back to me.”

The narrator tells the other person that it is decision time and asks that person to "go with your intuition.” She exhorts that person to “show me the play you’re making” and says she envisions them staying together “from now until forever.” Our narrator asks the other person “what do you say?” She adds that the song’s subject makes her crazy and that “even in stormy weather” it doesn’t get a lot better.

As the song winds down, our storyteller says that everything is alright “when you stay and embrace me.” She goes on to say that nothing can get between them and “you are the one I dream of.” In the end, she says “Don’t run away, my baby. Never thought I'd see your face.”

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