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Synth Single Review: "Midnight Rush" by GeoVoc

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


GeoVoc’s Midnight Rush explores the desire to rekindle youthful dreams and emotions. A steady bass oscillation and the soft wash of rain is joined by finger snaps and pink whorls of gentle synth. Geovoc’s caressing, delicate voice fills the music with emotion as the flowing warmth of the synth glides easily, surrounding the tender vocal melody.

The feeling in the vocals enfolds the listener as guitar calls out in rich, softly sliding notes. Geovoc interprets the emotions in the lyrics with his expressive voice as the clouds of aquamarine sound sweep past. Water washes in the distance while light glints from the synths above the bass and the guitar sings out smooth notes.

The narrator starts by saying that it was “just a Friday night” and they were kids “trapped inside our minds” and that despite being shy “things felt alright.” Our narrator talks about they cried and “played in creeks and lakes” as well as taking trips to fix the things they missed “if it wasn’t for the memories we had left.”

As young people, they “sold their souls for sold out shows." Now they “misdirect what we have left” and linger in the past to try and regain what they used to have. The narrator wonders if their innocence was a dream or a “masked reality” as he ultimately asks, “Were we really not so free?”

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