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Synth Single Review: "Miami Sunset" by Fonz Tramontano

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Fonz Tramontano’s Miami Sunset layers synths to create impressions of the falling tropical night. The track opens as steadily pulsing bass joins rebounding, medium-high, angular synths. Panpipes dance in an airy melodic pattern that combines hopeful, soothing emotions and strong percussion adds throbbing guidance. Rippling synths trail through the music in interlocking lines.

Now rounded, enfolding notes flow together and a medium-high, tender synth carries a lightly touching melody. Pipe-like synths carry a secondary, melancholy melodic pattern. Distant, crying guitar flows with a lost feeling as steadily guiding drums and oscillating bass throb. Intertwining, string-like synths tumble over one another above upwelling bass and broken, rapid drum pulses as the percussion drops out.

Hollow panpipes drift by, carrying an ethereal melodic pattern as rounded synth notes create an undulating pulse. Medium-high, gently caressing synths carry a slightly pained, dreamy pattern as the pipe-like synths tremble and cry out. Guitar echoes in a distantly roaming line before the track ends on feathery panpipes and steadily oscillating bass.

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